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Guitar Overview


Guitar Overview

The after-school guitar program provides students with an opportunity to develop as musicians in a caring and professional environment.  Students are required to establish goals and are provided with support which enables them to remain focused and persist until the set goals are achieved.  Special emphasis is placed on the development of performance skills.  Students are encouraged to perform regularly in a weekly performance class and receive feedback from their peers and mentors.  This setting provides students with the necessary feedback to reflect on ways to constantly improve and contribute to setting a high standard of performance throughout the program.  It also provides student audience members with the opportunity to pose questions, learn to effectively communicate these questions and develop critical thinking skills.  Students learn to apply previous knowledge to new situations and create new pathways of knowledge.  

In addition to developing vital performance skills, the after-school guitar program strives to aid students in becoming self-motivated lifelong learners.  Students are encouraged to be passionate about the arts and research and learn new repertoire.  Students are required to learn pieces from a vast array of musical eras including Renaissance, Romantic and Contemporary music.  As they learn repertoire from each era, they are required to gather data about the time period and environment in which the piece was composed, providing opportunities for cross-curricular learning.

The after-school guitar program encourages students to become effective users of technology.  Relevant classroom lectures and tutorials are posted to the SJVA Guitar website enriching the students learning experience through technology.  This resource provides the students with a chance to reflect and revisit their classroom experience.  Exposure to recording methodology and techniques ensures that students will learn relevant and up-to-date skills in this emerging field.

Ensemble work demands that students learn to communicate with accuracy and empathy.  Specific musical challenges will arise in a collaborative setting which demand that participants learn to use proper terminology effectively and solve problems in a creative and innovative fashion.  Students will learn to become effective listeners and make an effort to understand contrasting perspectives and be sensitive to others thoughts and ideas.

Guitar Prep: Preparatory Level Guitar, designed for beginning students who have never played the guitar, or who are still developing foundational techniques for guitar playing. Students learn note reading, technique, ear training, music theory, solo guitar playing, and ensemble playing.   Students in this guitar class will learn all of the necessary foundational guitar knowledge required to test in to Guitar I.

Guitar I: Guitar Level I, designed for students who have experience playing the guitar and have learned the foundational techniques taught in the Guitar Prep class. Students continue to build on their foundation in learning solo guitar repertoire, ensemble repertoire, and technique.  Students in this guitar class will learn all of the necessary guitar knowledge required to test in to Guitar II.

Rep Class: Repertoire Class, designed for students of all skill levels. Students placed in this class perform for teachers and their peers on a weekly basis. Master classes are held within this class in which guest artists and teachers perform for students and give feedback on student performances. Students in rep class will learn performance techniques, critical listening skills, and be exposed to a variety of playing levels.

Guitar Ensemble: Guitar Ensemble, audition based class designed for varying skill levels. Students engage in ensemble playing and focus on performance repertoire in a group setting. Students learn to work in groups to achieve a common performance goal. Teachers guide students and teach musicality through ensemble pieces.