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The SJVA After-School Music Technology program provides students from 3rd to 12th grade with the opportunity to get hands-on time with professional, top-of-the-line audio equipment and music production software necessary to record, create, produce, and distribute professional sound recordings. Basing our program around a practical approach, each class is designed with hands-on, exploratory learning at its core, allowing students to discover the intricacies of sound and how it can be controlled through hardware and software. With a wide array of microphones, mixing boards, speakers, cables, DAWs (digital audio workstations), and more, students are able to learn about the differences, quality, and designs behind the tools used by world-class producers and music creators. Students have the option to shadow faculty during SJVA productions, such as band concerts and musical productions, as well as engage in private audio projects of the student’s choice, all while receiving helpful critiques and the skills necessary to enter a career in audio engineering or music production.

Students receive mentorship from faculty members who regularly freelance in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area and the Inland Empire as audio engineers, studio technicians, music producers, and sound designers. The combined experiences of the faculty range from producing hip-hop albums to film scoring to voiceover work.



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Classes Offered

Audio Engineering &
Digital Music Production - H.S.

Audio Engineering &
Digital Music Production - Elem./M.S.


Audio Engineering & Digital Music Production - Elem. / M.S., a class designed for students who wish to learn basic audio recording techniques and beginning-level songwriting skills. Students will explore the foundational components of audio recording, engineering, and production while being exposed to genre-based songwriting projects aimed at engaging students in exploratory learning. Typical projects may include writing a chorus to a pop song or creating a backing instrumental track for a hip-hop song.


Audio Engineering & Digital Music Production - H.S., a class designed for advanced students (or those with advanced computer skills) who wish to learn professional audio engineering techniques and advanced-level songwriting skills. Students will learn the science behind acoustics, sound recording, and production while being trained in basic music theory and advanced songwriting structures. Projects are student-led, with potential projects ranging from hip-hop EPs to metal albums and pop singles.