Promoting Music in the San Jacinto Community



Bucket Drumming

Rhythm is an integral part of music. At SJVA we offer a beginning introduction to drums and percussion through our BUCKET DRUMMING class. Students learn the basics of drumming such as how to properly hold the sticks, basic counting and rhythm, and how to play drums along with popular music. The classes are structured so any student can learn beginning drumming. Students play along to music with video instruction as the teacher guides the class through various drumming techniques. Instruction is also offered on other percussion instruments as the class progresses. 

Explorer’s Percussion Ensemble

Once students have completed the Bucket Drumming class they can progress to the EXPLORER'S PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE program. This class is also available by audition for those students who already have a basic understanding of drumming and rhythm. Through the Explorer's Percussion Ensemble class students learn about all of the instruments in the percussion family and how to properly play them. The class learns various pieces of music that are written specifically for percussion ensembles. Students also learn how to play mallet instruments like bells, xylophone, and marimba. One of the goals of this class is to teach drummers and percussionists how to be better musicians so everything they play in school band or orchestra is played to the best of their ability, with musical flair. Percussion is not "noise," it is an exciting way to add color and rhythm to the music of any ensemble!

Note:  Percussion ensemble class is open to any music student by audition. Those students who already play piano, guitar, or any other instrument can also benefit by joining the percussion ensemble.